Recent Before & After Photos

Plastic, Plastic, Plastic!

While remediating mold, it is important to contain the area to prevent and airborne particles from traveling. During this claim, we used over 1000sqft of plasti... READ MORE

But it doesn't look like much?

Although it seems as though it can be solved by removing a small area, the extent to the bacterial growth cannot fully be determined unless the structure is exp... READ MORE

Skyscraper Flood in Los Angeles

If there's a way, there's a will! With a large amount of water entering the stairwell of this giant building, we needed a large response of equipment. Utilizing... READ MORE

No Matter the Size

No matter the size, no matter the damage, SERVPRO has the tools and resources to handle any size loss! This commercial property needed immediate attention, and ... READ MORE

Fire Storm, Don't Panic!

Although this Fire Storm brought in large amounts of visible ash/soot, there are also many invisible particles that can be harmful to your health. SERVPRO will ... READ MORE

Soot? No Problem!

We can handle it all! This property suffered a large arson fire and we were able to restore the property to preloss conditions! Smoke damages can leave invisibl... READ MORE

Fire - Can Burn!

Wood, Stone, Marble, Fire can burn it all. We restored this burnt garage area back to new with pristine marble top installed! When there is damage to this sever... READ MORE

The Roof Is Caving In!

When disaster hit this family, we were able to tarp the roof to prevent further damage! Additionally, using specially designed drying chambers, we were able to ... READ MORE

Carpet Wet? Its not the End!

Although this carpet was extremely saturated with moisture, using our 'floating technique', we were able to save the carpet in its entirety! After the remediati... READ MORE

No Sign, No Damage?

Although there is nothing visibly indicating any potential water intrusions, using our measurement devices, we are able to isolate and determine the extent of t... READ MORE