Water Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO does it all!

From drywall to pantries, there is nothing too big or small that we cant do. During this water loss, we had to remove and evaluate all items in this pantry, helping the homeowner recover costs of damaged items! 

Wilshire Home Water Damage

Our goal is always to restore versus replacing. So, if we are able to dry your structure in place, we will always take this route over removing the affected materials! But, we know when its the right time to decide to remove it. Let us help make that decision. 

Hidden Water In Your Walls?

Our SERVPRO of Park La Brea profressional team uses specialized test equipment to determine hidden water like this saturated drywall, our client had no idea of the extent of the damage. Our team must understand how to manipulate temperature and humidity levels to produce optimum drying conditions, without causing secondary damages through improper drying processes.

Drying and Dehumidification

A client's carpet was saturated with water and our team was to the rescue! the photo shown is the aftermath of the water removal step. At first glance, your floors and walls may look dry, but they are still wet to the touch. SERVPRO of Park La Brea professionals will manipulate temperature and relative humidity to remove the remaining moisture. Our team use specialized equipment, including industrial air movers and dehumidifiers, to remove water retained by building materials and other hard-to-access moisture as shown in the photo.

A Tripping Hazard

This hardwood floor obtained water damaged which doesn't look too extreme, but in fact, it was. After detailed inspection, Our team discovered the entire hallway floor affected with water. SERVPRO of Park La Brea professionals removed all hardwood floor, completely dried the affected area and replaced with brand new flooring.

Down to the bone!

Often times, a water damage may not look too extreme from the exterior, however once exposed, can be quite dramatic. We are always ready to handle any size loss at any time necessary!